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4862 William Hastings Line
Village of Crosshill / Millbank
Ontario,   N0K 1L0
Region of Waterloo
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About Our Puppies

Our pups are weaned by six weeks of age. During the sixth week they spend more time separated from their mother. The puppie are ready to be placed into their new homes between eight and twelve weeks. Of course this schedule varies with the needs and experience levels and home situation of the new owners. The pup should not be "forced" stressfully into new situations, although continued exposure at his/her own confidence level is ok. Because the pup bonds well with whomever comforts him during this period, it is good time to spend much time with the puppy during this phase. If your breeder does a good job at socializing the pups beyond seven weeks, getting an older pup is not a problem


We initially make a reservation list for our litters. You will be added to our list once you verbally confirm your intentions to purchase a Crosshill puppy.

We take deposits on a litter once we know that our female is pregnant. The deposit is $300.00, and holds your "pick" in the order that reservations were initially made. The deposit is non-refundable, unless we do not produce a healthy puppy of the correct sex. That fact that your puppy is not as red, or as black, or as big Etc. does not warrant a return of the deposit. We will however, apply your deposit to a future litter, if for any reason you are not satisfied with your selection. We will refund your deposit if we feel that 

your "pick" puppy does not fit your particular needs, as described at the time your deposit was accepted, and you do not want to wait for a future litter.

Your new puppy has received the following:
Deworming was done at 3 weeks, 5 weeks, and 7 weeks.
First puppy shot was given at 7 weeks. 1 shot – Parvovirus Vaccine Duramune max 5-cuk (Canine Distemper; Adenovirus Type 2; Coronavirus; Paraenfluenza)

The puppie are ready to be placed into their new home between eight and twelve weeks.

New Litter - August 17, 2011

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