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General Hints

Is a German Shepherd Right for You?

When considering a working German Shepherd as a family companion, you should make sure that this type of dog is the best fit for your personal situation. The dog is strong in body, mind, and spirit. They are generally more active and need attention and consistent guidance as they grow.

German Shepherds are working dogs. As a result of their genetics, most will need a job to perform daily to satisfy these inherited tendencies. They require exercise, but this must be monitored while growing. Tying these dogs in the yard or ignoring them in the kennel is unacceptable, as it will create frustration, boredom, and a potentially destructive dog.

German Shepherds require companionship from their handler and do not do well left in isolation. Most German Shepherds make excellent family dogs, depending on the genetics behind them. They develop tolerance when raised with children, but as with any breed, interactions should be supervised. Often the puppy will use its teeth when playing and young children often excite puppies that want to play and chase as they did with their littermates. Most German Shepherds will live to between ten and thirteen years of age. They come in a variety of colors from black and tan to black and red, sables of varying intensities, and pure black. Before purchasing, buyers should be aware that the breed has some health considerations such as hip and elbow dysplasia. A responsible breeder will take the time to educate buyers on health disorders and provide a written guarantee to cover any problems, should they occur.

General Care

German Shepherds are a natural breed that only requires occasional bathing and brushing keeping coats shiny and healthy. They are double-coated with coarse outer guard hair and a soft undercoat. Guard hairs will be shed year round, but especially when they "blow " their coats in the spring and fall. If you do not like hair in your home or you have a family member with allergies, then this is not the dog for you. Good nutrition is essential for the breed, with pups needing extra care and attention to diet.


A sound temperament is of the utmost importance in a companion or a working dog. Inherited temperament is a direct result of the dog\'s breeding, but good temperament has the potential to go bad through improper handling. Early socialization is important. Once mature, the German Shepherd should be approachable and outgoing though strangers may be regarded with suspicion. Many prospective buyers believe they need a tough, aggressive dog, but the German Shepherd is naturally protective of its home and family.

Working versus Show Lines . . . Confused?

The "working" German lines are generally not bred to win at the shows although they are capable of receiving a show rating. The dogs are still very pleasing visually, but perhaps not as correct in conformation as the show lines. They are somewhat straighter in their angulation and have a body type built more for running as opposed to trotting. These dogs are bred for working characteristics with the most attention being directed to strength of temperament and athletic ability. So which German Shepherd is right for you? Good examples of any bloodline should show intelligence, trainability, good health, and stable temperaments. Any German Shepherd physically and mentally capable of the work they were created to do should be able to participate in various disciplines and also make a great companion!

Getting a New Puppy ( GSD pup )?

Visit a Vet! Get more information on purchasing pups and a post-purchase exam from the Hespeler Animal Hospital.

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