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Page size:
 36 items in 4 pages

Randy Ainsworth

MobyWell the verdict after having Moby for over a week is in and we love him. He's been nothing short of fantastic. 

Moby has met handfuls of people, dogs and even our 4 cats to which he's been very polite and well mannered. He listens to both Cynthia (who he is very protective of already) and I and does exactly what we tell him. He's learned to be extremely gentle when taking treats from our hands, he sits and walks on a leash as if he doesn't even need one. At night time he comes inside and settles down immediately with no interruptions until about 7am. Even when we aren't paying attention to him he doesn't leave our sight. 

You were right about how much he loves to run. He chases sticks and tennis balls for hours on end but is quick to settle down when told to do so. He has been the absolute perfect fit for us and we are extremely excited to see how much better he becomes as time goes by. 

I am hoping to make the trip to crosshill on the 19th or 20th of November to do your electrical work and bring Moby for a visit. We will talk again in this coming week as to when and what time works best for both of us. 

Thank you so much for this incredible dog!


Jeff Fowler

Nipissing BrothersHere's a coincidence that might interest you.  I have 2 Crosshill dogs; Diesel, born on Halloween 2010 and Hunter, born in October 2011. I'm up in Algonquin this week and meet Gary and Gina from Hamilton, who also have 2 GSD's; one (Wolfgang) from Crosshill.  After a few minutes of dog talk we figure out that Diesel and Wolfgang are long-lost litter-mates!  Following a brief re-introduction the brothers got along just fine (great job, Gary). Attached is a picture of the boys in the old airfield at Mew Lake.  Sort of makes me want a 3rd!

Tony Roy, New Brunswick, Canada

Hi Peter,

 Tyjam's von Rommel Roy passed his schutzhund III test with a "G" rating total score of 242 points(72 in tracking, 85 in obedience and 85 in protection and came in second at the Atlantic Championships hosted by our club the Central New Brunswick Schutzhund Club which i am the President of. Here are some pics of the trial with GSSCC judge Dave Grant.

Tony Roy
President, Maritimes Schutzhund Club

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Sealtiel Alatriste Sangines, Mexico


I am the owner of one of the dogs you sent to Mexico. My name is Sealtiel. I'm 68 years old and I'm an outdoorsman. I ride bicycles and I surf in the pacific ocean frequently. I live in Queretaro in the center of the Mexican republic and my house is in the country. The dog's name is LOBO (wolf) and he has a great character. He takes long walks with me and he follows me in the bike (I pedal slowly giving him air and avoiding excessive exercise). I also take him frequently to a dog park near my house where he plays with ten or fifteen dogs at a time until he drops. He's very social. He goes with me wherever I go and soon we will go surfing. I'm curios to see what he will do when he sees that I go into the ocean. By the way, his weight is 56 pounds and he is exactly 5 months old.

My information is:
Name: Sealtiel Alatriste Sangines
Address Laureles 203, Jurica State
Queretaro City Queretaro
Code 76,100
Telephone 442 218 30 72
Best regards, Sealtiel

Mi querido Sebastián:
Te escribo para contarte lo que ha pasado con Erik. En primer lugar le tuve que cambiar el nombre porque un sobrino mío se llama Erik y no quise que tuvieran el mismo nombre. Le puse Lobo y le decimos Lobito. En segundo lugar te quiero decir que ha crecido mucho, mucho, porque come de todo. Ahora que lo llevé de vacaciones a la playa comió: Tela de araña, arañas, una tarántula, mazorcas (en la foto aparece con una mazorca), madera, mucho cartón, plástico, un cangrejo, muchos cocos, muchas nueces, papel de todo tipo, hojas, huesos de mango, se comió su correa de plástico, caca de vaca y caca de caballo. Todo esto se lo comió a pesar de que lo estuve cuidando todo el tiempo para evitar que se comiera cosas que le pudieran hacer mal. Por ejemplo el cangrejo se lo traté de quitar, pero se hechó a correr y para cuando lo alcancé ya se lo había tragado. Como verás en las fotos todas estas cosas lo engordaron y le hicieron mucho bién. En tercer lugar te quiero decir que es muy obediente la mayor parte del tiempo, y ha aprendido muchas cosas útiles, pero también se ha vuelto muy travieso. Al perro de Sealtiel, Keko, se le cuelga de las orejas y lo molesta todo el día. Lo está volviendo loco pero Keko tiene mucha paciencia y no le hace nada. También se escapó con los calzones de tu tía Norma y casi se los come. Lo bueno es que estaban recién lavados. Espero que sigas entrenando a Paul y que esté creciendo igual que el LOBO. Van a ser unos perros magníficos. Salúdame a tus papás y a tu abuelo y gracias por el entrenamiento que le diste al Lobo mientras vivió en tu casa.


Asim Khan - Lahore, Pakistan

Hello Peter,

I hope you and your family are doing well. Just thought i'd send you pictures of Rommel and let you know how he's doing. He is six and a half months now. Growing really quickly about 60 pounds at this age. Beautiful huge paws like a lions cub and a huge head. We do pretty much everything together. I have a 1000 acre cotton farm here and he's there with me while i work. He has begun listening to me off leash as well. Loves to explore, chase frogs, crows, and swim. He's pretty much mastered basic obedience. He's so well tempered that i can even put my hand in his food bowl while he eats.

Now we're working on giving him some nose work to do. I'm working on teaching him to fetch different items by name and i hope to make him find my keys, wallet, and phone using his nose. (I always lose my car keys hopefully he can help me find them) Besides all that he's great around young kids. Not so good around other dogs though because not many people have stable dogs here in Pakistan. There's no puppy kindergarten or off leash dog parks to take him too. But i'm working on it, It's slow but i have faith it should get better. I was on your website the other day and i saw that you guys bought a new dog "Turbo". Let me know when you plan to breed him. He looked beautiful. I would need a female for Rommel. However like you know, she shouldn't be the same bloodline as Rommel.

I'll be back in canada for a month or so in Jan or Feb. Let me know when you have pupps coming up. Lastly i plan to show him here in November and i do need his papers/ pedigree for that. My address has changed so the sooner you send the papers, the sooner i'll get him registered to show in his puppy class.

my address is as follows:
House# 190, street 7
Sarwar colony, sarwar road
Cantonement, Lahore
Punjab, Pakistan     54000

Asim Khan

The Caruso Family, Woodbridge

We just wanted to update you on our dog Nea (Daughter of Fletcher & Josie). She is now 5 ½ months and weighs 57lbs. She has made our family complete.

Nea is a very intelligent dog, and has an excellent temperament. At 2 ½ months she had already learned the commands sit, lay down, come here and stay. Even when we place her favorite treat on the floor, she will wait for the command to go get it. She is so good with all of the kids in the family and the neighborhood. She enjoys playing with other dogs and also enjoys playing with her favorite ball. She loves going for car rides, and long walks. The best thing is how she is very protective of our family, when a stranger is coming to the door or even walking by she makes sure they know she is on guard. She is still a puppy but her deep bark sounds like she is a big dog.

We would refer and recommend anyone, without any hesitation to visit CrossHill Kennels, these are the most beautiful German Shepherds and have shown to have great temperaments. We are extremely happy with the dog we received! Thank you Peter for everything.

Nea was born in 2010

Jenna and Chris, Lake St. Louis, USA

Maverick is now 26 months old and is a ball of energy and joy. He has always been such a sweet pup, very social, and thinks everyone is there to see him. He thinks his job in life is to fetch, and he always make a point to carry the biggest stick he can find while hiking. He is a true athlete. Mav still has that large football shaped head, but luckily he has grown into his huge feet. He is VERY tall with long legs, all the better to sprint while fetching.

Took a look at Simon on your website, and we can definitely see where Maverick got his height, dark face, large head, and sweet eyes. He has been such a special addition to our family, and is nothing short of being our best mate and most loyal protector.

Thank you for creating this special boy!

Jenna and Chris,
Lake St. Louis, MO, USA
Maverick was born 2008

Stephanie, Ottawa

Adicus born June 2010 and is now in training for autism therapy. . I just wanted you to see how beautiful he is, lol!

Nancy and Ward Seifrid, Chicago, USA

Peter, we have been thinking of you because we talk about you and your fantastic line of German shepherds. Canuck has taken over the area. He is like a celebrity. The comments are all the same, "he is the most beautiful they have ever seen, he is so big, he is so well mannered, where did you get him., etc. He is just over 14 months now and is 28 inches tall and weights 95 lb. He is starting to fill out everywhere. I still have not had him neutered but will schedule it for next week or so.

There are two females that would love to breed to him. He has gotten out of the defiance stage and totally listens to me. Still gives Wards a hard way to go sometimes but it is getting better. He is very smart and truly wants to obey and please. He is walked four times a day and one of the walks is playing with two other shepherds I have met. They are 6 months older and brother and sister. They are long haired and mostly black and tan. Female is 85 lbs and male is 102 lbs. They are both very nice dogs and have very good owners.. They run play very rough and have some good deer chases and have become a pack with each one taking charge at different times. Just in the past several months I have run into many people who have had very bad experiences with their dogs. Anything from health issues to behavorial problems. They are all so impressed with Canuck and of course ask where I got him. We are very happy with him and want everyone to know how great he is.

Canuck was born in 2009

Jamie and Cristina Bramley, Saskatoon

We would love to have another wonderful pup from your kennel. Harley is a great tempered guy, full of energy and so much fun. I am attaching some pictures for you. He is very popular in Saskatoon. We are considering an addition as we think he is a bit lonely and our garden and carpets are suffering LOL! Harley was born in 2010 Anyway, we will make sure to give you a call. Meanwhile, here are some pictures. We will be in touch.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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