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Congratulations on your decision to apply for a German Shepherd Dog. Many people who own a Crosshill German Shepherd feel that ownership is indeed an experience of ongoing enjoyment due to the loyalty and affection given by their dog. Many owners agree the purchase of a Crosshill German Shepherd is one of the greatest investments of their lives.

Please fill out the form found below. This is quick and easy and shouldn't take more than 5 minutes. Once your form is submitted you will receive a call back within 24 hours to discuss available puppies and upcoming litters in an effort to find the perfect puppy for you!

Alternatively: you can download our PDF version of the form, print it, fill it out, and mail it to us.

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All purchases require a $500 deposit to be applied to the total purchase price of your puppy.
Crosshill Kennels reserves to the right to choose not to sell to some clients.

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